“Acceptance makes an incredible fertile soil for the seeds of change.”

Steve Maraboli

My approach to therapy and assessment is relational, evidence-based, and goal-oriented. I strive to deliver care in a warm, accepting, and collaborative environment, where clients feel supported and empowered to accomplish their goals. I value and recognize individual differences and diversity with the aim of identifying and developing personal strengths that foster growth.

Individual Therapy

My work is guided by cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and attachment based principles to help clients lead more satisfying lives. I emphasize contacting the present moment more fully, letting go of the illusion of control, and moving in service of chosen values.

My clinical interests include posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma, anxiety, depression, career and academic concerns, cultural adjustments and identity development, eating and body image difficulties, relationship and interpersonal concerns, life transitions, and existential concerns.

Couples Therapy

I work with couples to better understand the rigid interaction patterns and reactivity that lead to ongoing conflict and dissatisfaction. These antecedents are often tied to emotional disconnection and attachment insecurities.

Couples can learn ways to change communication patterns to facilitate feelings of fondness, attraction, and respect. Couples therapy may also be an opportunity to gain insight into relational wounds from previous relationships that are being reenacted in current relationships. This insight can help with learning how to accept and live with differences in the context of a healthy relationship.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD

Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE) is a specific cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic posttraumatic stress disorder. It is designed to reduce trauma-related avoidance and help individuals overcome their fears and build resilience.

PE can be helpful for individuals who have experienced various types of trauma including combat, sexual assault, violent physical assault, accidents, natural disasters, and other life threatening events. In general, PE is most effective for those who have a memory of the specific traumatic event(s).

Psychological Assessment

My approach to assessment is comprehensive, scientifically driven, and adherent to the best-practice standards. I specialize in the following:

Psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery with the goal of helping surgery candidates psychologically prepare for the life changes to come and optimize post-surgical outcomes.

Affirming psychosocial evaluations for gender confirmation surgeries following the WPATH standards of care guidelines.

Psychological assessment for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning—to help individuals better understand themselves and apply this insight to make positive life changes. I specialize in assessment questions related to traumatic stress, personality characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and overall mood. 

Comprehensive career assessment and counseling services for those with career-related concerns.

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